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for creative entrepreneurs 

Map w/ me when you're: 


Pivoting, or 

Playing Small.

So you can find:


Personal Power, and

Become Unstoppable. 

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I immediately felt unstuck, inspired, and had a renewed energy. I was so much more productive. Rachel is amazing at helping people reset in a way that is uniquely impactful to them, reminding them of their full potential.

Deeckla—founder & CEO


Rachel has an incredible ability

for holding space. She is kind,

she is real, she is generous, and she is practical. If you're interested in getting clarity and leveling up, do yourself a favor and spend some time mapping with Rachel.

Muffadal—CEO, Casa Oro Group.

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The day we did my life map my feet became unstuck after decades! I knew what my hidden dreams were and how to realize them. I found my North Star.

Janine—manager and wellness coach


I am a very analytical person. Rachel is so creative and easy to open up to. Before I knew it I was having insights and tapping into things I hadn't thought of before. Mapping has helped me become a more holistic leader.

—Jenni, corporate VP.

How's it work? 

Together we translate your innate wisdom into a (magical) drawing —your life-map.  

Map is a one-on-one deep listening session where together we:

  1. Let go of any unhelpful ruminations, 

  2. Uncover your deepest desires, and

  3. Hold space for you to step into your own greatness.  

Most people at the end of their Map session feel deeply seen and have a profound sense of possibility. This moves them into action, making "impossible" goals within reach.

Sessions are 1 hour and are held via zoom. Your first map is $240 USD, subsequent Maps are at a reduced rate of $190 USD.

Who is Rachel G. Barnard?


Hi! I have designed and facilitated 100s of creative sessions for 1,000s of people to step into their greatness and contribute powerfully to the world around them.


I created the proprietary one-on-one Map process to allow creative entrepreneurs like you get unstuck and become unstoppable.


Photos by Mansura Khanam

My art+coaching model was advanced during the decade I founded and led Young New Yorkers (YNY)—the first arts-based Alternative to Incarceration program in NYC. At YNY we helped over 1,400 young people avoid jail and other sanctions via creative programming. I partnered with multiple criminal legal agencies including NYC Criminal Courts, Kings County DA's Office, NYC Department of Probation, and the New York Police Department.

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I have been Mapping for two decades,

and have been acknowledged in the media

and received fancy awards and fellowships. I hold a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University.  

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Mapping helped me identify my desire to pivot to something big and impactful. Now, the Group Mapping program has given me electrified accountability, clarity, and results towards the realization of my impossible goal.

—Star Atkeson, Local Govt. Innovations

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Rachel might miss-spell the odd word or two, but she always gets the meaning. She is a truth seeker.  Let her misspell your dreams and help you map how you might reach them. You won't regret it.

John—Founder, Valuer

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