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Let it go. Let it out.
Let it all unravel. 
Let it free and it can be
A path on which to travel.
ts time to Map when: 
  • You're stuck,
  • Pivoting, or 
  • Playing small
Mapping makes space for:
  • Clarity,
  • Personal power,
  •  Freedom

Photo by Mansura Khanam

an intuitive art experience




Mapping is a deep listening art practice that allows you to be seen, heard and known. Especially to yourself. It can provide the kind of self knowledge that will allow you to take courageous actions (both big and small) so that your own life becomes your most creative, compelling, and delight-filled project. Your map will be sent to you in the mail as a unique artwork—your portrait— at the end.

from a mapping session you may gain

  • Clarity, so that you can distinguish the mental chatter from your deeper truths.

  • Wisdom, a glimpse of a deeper and more powerful you.

  • Courage, to take the small and big actions that will create the life that’s yours.

  • Freedom, 1 hour to imagine unlimited possibilities.


The day we did my life map my feet became unstuck after decades! I knew what my hidden dreams were and how to realize them. I found my North Star.

—Janine,  model, stylist and wellness coach



I am a very analytical person. Rachel is so creative and easy to open up to. Before I knew it I was having insights and tapping into things I hadn't thought of before.

—Jenni, not for profit executive.

I do not give advice, instructions, or recommendations on how to create your life. Mapping is NOT therapy. On occasion someone may gain so much clarity, wisdom, courage, and freedom from a session that they take actions that very day to shift their life. What you take away from the experience is completely up to you.

Your choices are your own.

The details


  • 1 hour online.

  • After a brief introduction we will begin with a prompt to spark quick insights.

  • Together we will then open a powerful conversation and I will map (draw on acid free paper) what I hear.

  • Spelling mistakes will be made!

  • On the completion of the conversation I will offer a few words that I feel distill your future oriented shares. That is your dreams, goals, aspirations. These words may acknowledge who you are or be ideas that you may “live into”.

  • You will also recieve a series of artifact in the mail (see below)

Rachel's magnetic personality inspires belief that anything is possible, and she is able to effortlessly get a confession of your wildest dreams and goals (and the more mundane ones with next steps.) I love looking over my past maps and seeing what I have manifested. I highly recommend!

—Star Alexandria Atkeson, Fine Artist and Social Enterprise professional



Via the United States Postal Service you will receive:  

  • Your original, signed, and dated life map,

  • A wisdom disc that I will create immediately after our session. The wisdom disc is designed as a small artifact that you can keep with you so that you may remember who you are. (Hint: unstoppable!),

  • You will also receive a photograph of your map as soon as the mapping session complete.

Rachel might miss-spell the odd word or two, but she always gets the meaning. She is a truth seeker.  Let her misspell your dreams and help you map how you might reach them. You won't regret it.

—John R, Valuer

what to bring


Mapping is a magical art experience with you at the center. You are the masterpiece!  And it might just change your life. I know it changed mine.

—A. S., Architect

Bring an attitude of openness. While intuitive listening is a big part of the experience of life mapping, it is your sharing of yourself, your struggles, hopes and dreams, that allows the map to create its magic. The sessions are completely confidential. 



Sessions are $159.

After transitioning from my corporate job, I found myself pursuing very different, yet exciting passion projects and struggling with understanding how they work together. Rachel was able to hold profound space through the  mapping exercise as she posed questions that helped me to dig within my inner creative self and share some of my deepest desires for my future. She beautifully translated them into a intricate map with clear themes that serve as my daily affirmations: “Do & see one thing.” “Little dreams grow big on their own."

—Chelsea, Community Centered Architect

the mapping STORY


When I retired I was scared. Scared of spending the rest of my life sitting in my house and starring at the walls. Typically I'm a courageous bad ass and my mapping session with Rachel helped me remember that.This has been one of the most joyful phases of life yet.

—Sue, Rachel's mum

I began to develop the life map when I was 17 years old and a good friend had high anxiety around not knowing what she wanted to do after high school. Of course after a 1 hour mapping session we realized deep down she knew EXACTLY what she wanted to do. She spent the next 15 years traveling the world as a leader in the adventure tourism industry, “having a blast”.


Many years later I created a life map for my mum when she retired and didn’t know what she wanted to create next but was determined to have a “magnificent old age”. Instead of having an epiphany like my high school friend, she realized that she needed to play and dabble in many things before she “found” what she wanted to focus on. As a former very well respected speech therapist what did she discover? Felting! Who knew, and I love my felt cushion covers. 


I have created countless life maps:

  • For artists seeking the courage to take the next bold leaps in their creative practice. 

  • For professionals who feel like something is missing or that they’ve hit a ceiling. 

  • For people who are extremely successful and realize they are not completely fulfilled by their achievements. 

  • For people who have experienced a recent life change and want to create consciously, (retirees, new parents, recent graduates).

  • For everyone

Make art for justice


As the New York City Artist in Residence at the Department of Probation, I also employed  mapping as a way to deeply hear the experiences of clients and officers. Here is a short documentary if you would like to learn more about how deep listening + sparkle can be a tool for social justice.

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